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Faces of Baseline: Gary

| Written by:

Emily Ford

Communications, Duke University School of Medicine

From now on, Gary Quigg will celebrate two milestones every April 11–his birthday and his Project Baseline study enrollment anniversary.

Gary just happened to enroll in Project Baseline on his 66th birthday. When the study team at Duke University School of Medicine in Kannapolis, N.C. found out, they surprised him with balloons and a cupcake."

"It was a total coincidence," Gary said. "But it became more significant–what better way to get to spend your birthday than with people who are truly focused on you, and to start my four-year Baseline journey? We had a great time."

Gary said he joined the Project Baseline study to contribute to medical knowledge and help advance healthcare. As a physician who practices internal medicine, he's keenly aware of advancements that come from clinical research studies like Project Baseline.

"I just want to feel like I've contributed in some small way," he said. "We usually go through life kind of oblivious to the functions of our body. We just slide along and let nature take its course. It's good to have something remind us that it is often behavior that determines health outcomes, and I'm hoping that my participation will help me to engage in more healthy behaviors."

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