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Go behind the scenes of the Baseline COVID-19 testing program

Expanding access to reliable screening and testing is critical to containing the spread of the COVID-19. At Project Baseline we are supporting the California community-based COVID-19 testing program in expanding to more locations, and we’ve created a video to show how testing works.

Here are the steps involved in the program:

1. Take an online screener

The first step is to complete an online screener based on guidelines from public health officials. The screener helps prioritize testing needs based on direction from the California Department of Public Health.

2. Get an appointment

If individuals qualify for testing at this time through this program, they will receive a confirmation email with appointment details, including the time and location of the test.

3. Take the test

At testing sites there are three stations: an appointment check, an ID check, and sample collection.

In station one, individuals will be instructed to show their ID, keeping windows closed. This helps ensure that this step is done as safely as possible.

Once the appointment is confirmed, they will drive to station 2. Healthcare staff will match each individual a lab kit and attach a lab requisition to the car's windshield. This document helps ensure tests are processed safely and correctly.

Then, individuals will drive to station 3, which is the sample collection area. Next, drivers will roll down their window and tilt their head back for a nasal swab. Site staff will then ship the samples to a lab for analysis.

4. The results

All results will be communicated, positive or negative, back to those who are tested. Individuals will receive the results about 2-5 days after testing, but this may take longer due to lab capacity. If you test positive, you'll get a phone call from a qualified healthcare professional.

For more information on the Baseline COVID-19 Program and to learn if you are eligible for testing through this program, visit

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