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Let it snow sensor data

| Written by:

Kasley Killam

Community Engagement Manager, Verily

Project Baseline study participants are finding a special surprise in their mailboxes this week: Holiday cards featuring snowflakes (as pictured above) that we designed with Project Baseline sensor data.

To celebrate the season and express gratitude to our study community, we used open-source software to create a personalized, unique snowflake for each participant who enrolled in the study before December and had ample sleep and activity data from their investigational Study Watch and Sleep Sensor.

The number of tips reflects the average number of hours a given participant has slept each night since joining the study. The color reflects the average number of steps she or he has taken each day; a darker color indicates more steps, whereas a lighter color indicates fewer steps relative to other participants.

For those who did not yet have enough data from their Study Watch or Sleep Sensor to calculate meaningful averages, we created a snowflake using aggregate data from all Project Baseline study participants.

This was a fun way to examine the sensor data and spread some holiday cheer to our valued study community. In the future, as the number of enrolled participants grows and therefore our ability to query for meaningful insights increases, we look forward to using the sensor data to better understand health and the transition to disease.

License for open-source software: Copyright (c) 2004-2010 by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC") Copyright (c) 1995-2003 by Internet Software Consortium

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