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Meeting the Baseline User Success team

| Written by:
Tina Karimi

Tina Karimi

Contributing Editor, Verily

Mira Fruchter, Baseline Support program manager

Baseline User Success is the first line of communication between participants and Project Baseline staff at Verily. To learn more about this critical group – their goals, priorities, and what gets them excited about being part of Project Baseline – we sat down with study operations program manager Mira Fruchter.

What's your professional background?

I've spent my career in clinical operations, starting as a clinical research coordinator. Later, I became a clinical site monitor, and I've been responsible for managing trials in various different capacities. As part of Project Baseline, I'm excited to be part of an initiative to conduct research in a new way – whether it's enabling people to participate in ways that fit into their daily lives, or trying to better understand the transition from health to disease.

What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis?

I manage a team that facilitates communication between Project Baseline and participants, and every day is different! Our ultimate objective is ensuring that the participant voice is heard and integrated into Project Baseline. We're focused on keeping those channels open, fielding any questions or concerns, and implementing the participant feedback we receive.

What makes you excited to be part of Project Baseline?

There's so much potential to open research up to a wider population by ensuring that opportunities to participate are not location-dependent. At Project Baseline, making the participant experience better is a key piece of the puzzle – and in turn, Baseline User Success is an integral part of making that happen. I'm thrilled to be contributing to this mission alongside our participants.

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