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New year, new horizons

| Written by:
Tina Karimi

Tina Karimi

Contributing Editor, Verily

"New year, new me." It's a common resolution, but at Project Baseline, our goal is to stay focused on our core objective: mapping human health. So what's next in 2019? Over the next year, we're continuing to build on our mission–and we hope to partner with many more of you.

In addition to our flagship study of human health, Project Baseline will expand to include access to additional research opportunities starting this year. By broadening our horizons with more studies, we hope to democratize access to clinical research, expedite the speed of discoveries, and ultimately improve healthcare. We look forward to sharing more with you as Project Baseline grows, and we encourage you to check out the new website!

Going forward, our inaugural study–now referred to as the Project Baseline Health Study—will continue to anchor everything we do at Project Baseline. For current Health Study participants, you can expect to continue to receive regular email updates from us, and, as always, follow along with us here and on Facebook. Thank you for helping us pioneer the foundation of Project Baseline–and stay tuned for what's next!

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Mapping human health starts with study participants.