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Project Baseline Turns 1 Year Old

| Written by:

Rachel Taylor

Contributing Editor, Verily

It's hard to believe that i's been a year since we officially launched the Project Baseline study and On April 19th, 2017, Jessica Mega, Verily's Chief Medical Officer, introduced the initiative on our blog and we published a press release that began to generate coverage of our mission to map human health. The past year has been full of learnings, iterations, achievements, and milestones.

A key milestone was in June of 2017 when Duke University School of Medicine, one of our study partners, announced its first enrolled participant. Since then, enrollment has been a steady focus. We're still actively enrolling participants at Duke, Stanford Medicine and other study sites every day and encourage anyone who is interested to apply. If you already applied, note that it can take anywhere from a few days to many months before you hear from us, so please be patient. We appreciate your understanding and support!

Another big milestone was Project Baseline's presence at the South by Southwest conference in March of 2018. We hosted a panel on "Empowering People to Own Their Health Data" (named best health-track panel by MM&M), our very own Scarlet Shore gave the keynote at the Health Spark event, and we had a tradeshow booth in the Health section of the convention center. We look forward to representing Project Baseline at many more major health conferences.

The statistics shared in this infographic are a representation of some of the data we have collected from our participants so far. To give a bit more context to the numbers displayed, we collect data in many formats that you can read about on the study page of our website. Since our launch in April of 2017, that has added up to approximately 6,700 terabytes (TB) of data. In terms of surveys, we collect survey answers through our online participant portal year-round. The blood samples are collected at our study sites, while the sleep data is collected remotely from the passive Sleep Sensor.

Data is a hot topic these days and we want to reaffirm that privacy is our top priority. You can learn more by reading the Baseline Privacy Policy.

Lastly, we want to express a big THANK YOU you to our participants and site partners, without whom we could't have made this past year's progress. We look forward to continuing our journey to better understand health and prevent disease!

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