The Study

Project Baseline is an ambitious undertaking that requires dedication from everyone involved. If you join, you will embark on the journey alongside us for four years. Below is a detailed summary of what your involvement will entail.

In-person visits

Through in-person visits, we'll dive deep into a wide range of measures–from your genetics to your mental health, and everything in between.

Annual site visit

Once a year, you will come to a Baseline study site near you for one to two days of health tests. (Note that these are for research purposes and do not serve as medical care.)

You can expect to:

  • Do standard tests, such as reviewing your medical history and assessing your physical strength
  • Do specialized tests, such as an echocardiogram, eye exam, and chest x-ray
  • Give blood, saliva, and other samples
  • Answer detailed questionnaires about topics related to your health and lifestyle

Short quarterly appointments

In addition, we will ask some people to do three short appointments per year (one to two hours each) to gather more frequent information about health profiles that we are especially interested in.

We also may ask you to come in for an appointment following a significant life event, so that we can see if and how your health changes.

Sensors and wearable devices

How does health evolve not only year to year, but also day to day and even minute to minute? That's what technology can help us understand. No matter how tech-savvy you are, we'll make sure that setting up the devices feels like a breeze.

The first is an investigational wristwatch that passively monitors things like your heart rate and activity level. You'll wear this every day and have the option to customize the band to suit your style.

"Investigational" means not cleared by the FDA. It will not show real-time personal information or make suggestions about your health and fitness.

The second is a sensor that passively monitors your sleep habits. Once you slide it under your mattress, you'll be helping advance science and healthcare even while you sleep!

The third is a small hub that charges and safely sends device data to our secure, encrypted database.

Surveys and health diaries

We will complement the data that we collect through in-person visits and devices with self-reported data that captures your unique way of life. Then we can analyze how various factors interact to influence health and disease, and you can gain better insight into yourself as you follow your habits over time.

Every three months, you'll fill out a set of surveys online that takes around 30 minutes to complete. They will ask about things like your well-being, diet, and exercise habits.

In between, we will follow different aspects of your health and lifestyle, such as your sleep quality or social habits, using the Baseline mobile app. For example, each day for one week you might answer a few questions about your mood.

Lastly, changes to your health, such as taking a new prescription or being hospitalized, are important. By sending us updates and access to information such as your health records, we can develop a more nuanced understanding of how health evolves over time.

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Your privacy

We take your privacy very seriously. To ensure confidentiality, we keep your data locked in a secure, encrypted system with restricted access. We have safeguards in place so that it cannot be linked to your identity without your permission. Project Baseline has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB), which protects the rights of research participants.

See our Privacy Policy for full details.

Your Questions

Check out our FAQ page or call us toll-free at 855-5-BASELINE (855-522-7354), Monday-Friday 8am-11pm or Saturday 10am-7pm ET.

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