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Help shape the future of healthcare by testing new technology and devices or sharing your perspective with us!


General population


Time varies; for example, 1-2 hour in-person sessions or 5 minute surveys


Receive compensation


Virtual or at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA

Who's eligible

At least 18 years old
A U.S. resident
Able to speak and read English

What's involved

Get personalized invites

Become a Project Baseline member and we'll send you a questionnaire that will help our research team match you to opportunities that are right for you. The more information you provide, the better your chances of being matched.

Share your perspective

If we invite you to take part in a design session, we'll give you all the details about time, location, and method. The format will vary, such as design sprints, focus group discussions, one-on-one interviews, or short research studies.

Have meaningful impact

It feels good to do good! Your input matters and will directly shape the tools we are developing to improve people's health and prevent disease. Plus, you may receive compensation for participating.


What is co-design research?

Co-design research means you'll get to work hand-in-hand with our researchers and designers to help create the best possible experiences, studies, tools, and more. An important aspect of this process is sharing your feedback on tools and products so we can improve them.

What kinds of people are you looking for?

Anyone living in the U.S. over the age of 18. We need people from all walks of life. For some studies we may reach out to anyone interested in sharing feedback, while at other times we may look for people with a specific health condition.

Does it matter where I live?

Some of our sessions are in-person near our California offices of South San Francisco and Mountain View or our Cambridge office near Boston. However, we also conduct many remote studies with people all over the country. If you are located within the U.S., we may ask you to participate in an emailed survey or one-on-one session over phone or video chat.

Is participating in co-design research similar to participating in a study?

Co-design research is generally not considered clinical research and is therefore not governed by an Internal Review Board (IRB). Co-design research gives individuals an opportunity to share their experience using a tool or product, helping designers and researchers improve products. Clinical research, on the other hand, formally evaluates how a tool or product works.

What will I do in co-design studies?

When a new study is available, you'll learn details about what kind of study it is and have the option to participate. Here's some info about the different types of studies and how they work:

  • Usability study at a Verily office

These studies are best for people who live near our offices in South San Francisco or Boston. Typically, you'll meet one-on-one with a Verily researcher who'll ask you some questions, have you try a new or existing product, and then get your feedback.

  • Remote usability study

For remote studies, we'll have you share your mobile or laptop screen with the researcher and walk through an experience together. You'll need to have a high-speed Internet connection for this option. In some cases, we may be able to conduct the study over the phone.

  • Field study

Sometimes it is helpful to learn about users in the places that they live. In these studies, Verily researchers will come to you! We'll find a time to conduct a visit that works for your schedule.

  • Surveys

For these studies, we'll simply send you a short survey to fill out. Please note that we don't typically offer a gift for participating in a survey.

What's the time commitment?

In usability studies and field studies, you'll typically spend 60-90 minutes with a Verily researcher. This will almost always be during business hours (i.e., Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm). If you're visiting your local Verily office to participate, you'll need to allow extra time for travel, which will be at your own expense. Remote sessions may take place outside of typical business hours depending on your local time zone.

How soon will you contact me?

We can't guarantee that we'll invite you to participate in a study, and even if we do it may not be right away. For example, we may not have a match for you now, but we may contact you in nine months when we launch a new study that seems to be a perfect fit.

I signed up, but I've decided I don't want to participate. How do I opt-out?

No problem. Please email to withdraw.

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