It takes a village

Led by Verily, we're a multidisciplinary coalition of researchers, clinicians, engineers, designers, advocates, and volunteers like you, united by our desire to accelerate health innovation. Each member of Project Baseline contributes something unique to our medical and scientific understanding of health and disease.

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At Verily, our mission is to make the world's health data useful so that people enjoy healthier lives

Verily is leading Project Baseline. Launched in 2015, Verily is a subsidiary of Alphabet and sister company to Google focused on life sciences and healthcare. Verily is developing tools to collect and organize health data, then creating interventions and platforms that put insights derived from that health data to use for more holistic care management.

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We partner with the best and brightest

We partner with institutions such as Duke University School of Medicine, Stanford Medicine, the American Heart Association, government agencies and healthcare organizations all over the world to use every bit and byte of health information to improve lives.

Advisory board

Reed Tuckson

Reed Tuckson, MD, FACP

Managing Director, Tuckson Health; Chair, Project Baseline Advisory Board

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Nancy Brown

Nancy Brown

CEO, American Heart Association

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Nick Dawsom

Nick Dawson, MHA

Corporate Executive Director of Innovation, Kaiser Permanente

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Kathy Giusti

Kathy Giusti, MBA

Founder, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

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Robert C. Green

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH

Director of G2P program, Brigham and Women's Hospital

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Nancy Kass

Nancy Kass, ScD

Vice-Provost for Graduate & Professional Education, Johns Hopkins University

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Deven McGraw

Deven McGraw

General Counsel and Chief Regulatory Officer, Ciitizen

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