Only 500 of the 10,000 diseases that afflict humans today have treatments

We've mapped the world, now let's map human health.

Project Baseline was created to explore health with more depth and detail than ever before. Whereas once it took centuries of exploration to yield an accurate map of the world, we can now move faster and create a map of human health that can impact humanity within our lifetimes.

As a Baseline member, you can

Join research that fits into your life

Find opportunities that are relevant and easy for you.

Be the first to test new technology

Shape a new generation of devices, tools, and technologies.

Learn by getting your health data back

Learn about your own health and contribute to everyone's.

Learn about some of our research opportunities

Juniper MDD Study

Help test a new depression option
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Clinical Research Study for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Seeking rheumatoid arthritis patients for new study.
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COVID-19 Research Project

Contribute to research for developing treatments, antibody testing, and vaccines.
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Gut Research Project

Share your health history to help researchers better understand Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
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Research Goes Red

Together with American Heart Association's Go Red for Women, we are calling on women contribute to research.
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User Research Sessions

Help shape the future of healthcare by testing new technology and devices or sharing your perspective with us.
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Health Study

Join the quest to collect comprehensive health data to better understand health and prevent disease.
Waitlist available

Skin Study

Have a rash or redness, itching or swelling on your lower legs? Consider joining the Skin Study.
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Weight Study

Help us better understand weight changes in women. In collaboration with the American Heart Association.
Enrollment closed

COVID-19 Immune Response Study

Help us understand how the human immune system responds to COVID-19.
Enrollment closed

Sleep Research Project

Explore how sleep impacts human health.
Enrollment closed

Mood Study 2

Contribute to research on how smartphones may be able to predict mood and behavior changes.
Enrollment closed

Sleep Apnea Study 2

Test an investigational technology designed to help manage obstructive sleep apnea.
Enrollment closed

Heart Biomarker Study

Help scientists understand an emerging key risk factor for heart disease: lipoprotein(a) or Lp(a).
Enrollment closed

Type II Diabetes Study

Help test and build a next-generation diabetes management solution.
Enrollment closed

Mood Study

Contribute to groundbreaking research on how smartphones may predict mood and behavior changes.
Enrollment closed

COVID-19 Testing

Help protect yourself and the people around you by getting tested through this program.
Enrollment closed

Mirai Depression Study

At-home depression study using your phone.
Enrollment closed
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Together, we can invent the future of data-powered healthcare