My Mental Health Journey

Join the next generation of mental health research

Mental health is a deeply personal journey that looks different for everyone. By joining My Mental Health Journey, you could play a part in the research that potentially unlocks a better understanding as to how different factors could impact mental well-being over time.

Enrolling now!

Report symptoms of depression such as sadness, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

Remote participation only

Ongoing (no end date)

Compensation up to $210

Facing this mental health journey, together

Verily Life Sciences

My Mental Health Journey is sponsored by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc. (Otsuka). You can find more information at Verily Life Sciences (Verily) is collecting data on behalf of Otsuka for the purpose of recruitment for My Mental Health Journey. Data captured for the purposes of My Mental Health Journey will be governed by Otsuka’s privacy policy. Website cookies and information captured for purposes of website performance as part of recruitment and study management are governed by the Project Baseline Privacy Policy.

Who's eligible

  • May have reported symptoms of depression (no documented medical/psychiatric diagnosis necessary)
  • Able to read and understand English
  • Access to a smartphone or computer that is connected to the internet
  • Age 18+
  • U.S. resident

What’s involved

Eligible participants have the chance to contribute to My Mental Health Journey by completing periodic surveys that evaluate anxiety and depression symptoms. As a completely virtual study, this does not require any in-person visits to contribute.

Check your eligibility

Begin by clicking “Get Started” to check your eligibility through a brief survey, followed by reviewing and signing the informed consent form.

Onboarding and mental health surveys

If eligible, participants may complete an onboarding survey, anxiety and depression surveys, and provide the details of any mental health history (i.e., any diagnoses, medication(s), care/treatment, hospitalizations, etc.).

Periodic mental health surveys

Participants may then continue to contribute by completing periodic surveys about their mental health every few months.¹

What you’ll receive

Joining My Mental Health Journey could help illustrate an expansive, long-term view of mental health as it changes over time.

Compensation available

You could receive compensation of up to $210 a year (a 12-month period) for completing all study surveys.

Educational mental health resources

Receive information and resources on depression and other mental health-related topics that may empower new ways to manage mental well-being.

New research opportunities

By participating, you may have the opportunity to receive information about future research studies for mental health and other health areas.

Contribute to mental health research

Your input could help researchers better understand how different factors impact mental health, and further research in this field.

Mental health research starts with you

Join others just like you who are interested in contributing to the future of mental health research.

1 With your consent, you may also be asked to provide other potentially relevant health data, such as health records from a doctor/nurse, prescription information from pharmacies, claims from insurance providers, etc. Collecting various types of data over time may help researchers understand how different health patterns and factors may affect mental health.

My Mental Health Journey

Study FAQs

Otsuka is the sponsor.

My Mental Health Journey is a remote mental health research study.

No, you do not need to be diagnosed with depression by a doctor or psychiatrist to participate.

No, you do not need to travel to participate. You can complete all surveys remotely.

It will not cost you anything to participate.

Participation requires internet access. You will be invited to complete some surveys that ask you to provide general information about your health, health history, mental health (e.g. information related to general depression, anxiety, and depression symptoms), and other questions regarding quality of life. You will receive an informed consent form that contains details about the study, including the purpose, what we will ask you to do if you participate, and any possible risks and benefits.

While the amount of time for study activities may be different for each person, it is estimated to take approximately 5 minutes for each survey. You could receive compensation of up to $210 a year (a 12-month period) for completing all study surveys.

There is no maximum number of participants or defined end date for this project. Initial enrollment goals are 500 participants at minimum, and participation will last for at least 10 years. This should enable researchers to learn as much as possible about mental health based on many people across a long period of time.

You may not personally benefit from this study, but in the future, this study may help the study Sponsor and other researchers better understand depression and how best to treat it.

Since this is an observational study, other than some discomfort from certain questions that may arise while answering surveys, the primary risk is to your privacy. We will protect your personal data using organizational, administrative and technical safeguards and in accordance with all applicable laws.

Yes – we take important safeguards to make sure your identity and data are safe. 

We work with IDology to verify your identity based on information such as your address, date of birth, etc.

The protocol number is Z01-201-00372.