COVID-19 Community Based Testing Guide

The COVID-19 community-based testing program is a federally supported, state-directed program in collaboration with Verily’s Project Baseline. 

This testing guide has been developed to align with guidelines provided by federal and state public health authorities. Parties adopting this guide should work with their clinical operations, environmental health and safety teams, and their state and local authorities to ensure compliance with relevant laws.

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Document Version Updated Links
[PRIMARY DOCUMENT] COVID-19 Community-Based Testing Guide 6 04/09/2020 Download
COVID-19 Requisition and Label Preparation 5 04/02/2020 Download
COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment 6 04/09/2020 Download
COVID-19 Clinical Training for Drive-Through Testing Sites 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Participant Workflow 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Sample Collection and Transfer 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Medical Biohazard Waste Instruction 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Drive-Through IT Details 5 04/02/2020 Download
COVID-19 Non-Clinical/Clinical Operational Supplies and IT Equipment 5 04/02/2020 Download
5 04/09/2020 Download
COVID-19 Staff Capacity Planning and Onsite Allocations 7 04/16/2020 Download
COVID-19 Supply Forecast Calculator 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Mobile Testing Site Signage Kit 1 04/09/2020 Download
Project Baseline Training Log 4 03/26/2020 Download
Project Baseline Specimen Log 4 03/26/2020 Download
Incident Command System (ICS) Basics 4 03/26/2020 Download
COVID-19 Handling Clothes Post Shift 1 04/02/2020 Download

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