Sleep Research Project

Contribute to sleep research by answering surveys and sharing health information. Get personal health insights and help advance sleep science.

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Project Baseline is an initiative to make it easy and engaging for people like you to contribute to the map of human health and participate in clinical research.

Together with researchers, clinicians, engineers, designers, advocates, and volunteers, we're collaborating to build the next generation of healthcare tools and services.

Why we want to learn about your sleep

Who's eligible

Age 18 years or older

U.S. Resident

Willing to sign informed consent and join the Project Baseline Community and Baseline COVID-19 Research Project

What's involved

Taking surveys

You'll share insights about your general health and lifestyle.

Completing your health profile

You'll answer questions about your sleep quality, snoring, and more.

Joining our Baseline community

Get first access to future sleep-related studies.

Contribute to the future of sleep by telling us about yours.